A New Study on GMO Maize

Even among the scientific community intelligent enough to be skeptical of the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis, I often come under fire for my lack of support of genetically-modified food.  Many of these people do not even understand that genetic modification is completely different from selective breeding–in fact, it technically creates new species.  Nor, apparently, are […]

On Calories and Weight Loss

Calories: the bane of every dieter. Except, we see how well that’s working for us in the modern U.S. What are calories, and how important are they? Well, here are my thoughts, and I’d love feedback from anyone with something to add. Calories, technically speaking, are simply a measurement of energy. A ‘calorie’ is the […]

Paleo 2.0

So, I came across this several-years-old article this morning. It is by one Dr. Kurt Harris, one of the leading Paleo gurus (although often at odds with the Paleo community in general). Unfortunately, none of the links for “further reading” work, and I cannot find any of his material (including his entire blog) on the […]

Training and Nutrition Regimen

Exercise: I have a lot of physically-oriented goals this year, since I finally find myself in a good place to start moving forward again. My training (I don’t ‘work out’; I train for specific goals) regimen will largely based on past successes. Sunday: Rest Day (Church) Monday: Daily Seven, Treadmill Tuesday: Daily Seven, Powerlifting A/B […]


From BioPharma Scientific. I won’t use it while I’m doing a Whole30, but when I’m not… This is the only multiminerals supplement I can see myself using for a while. It’s difficult to make certain that I get all of the minerals that I need, and most supplements have an issue with bioavailability. Chelation mostly […]

A new diet?

I got an e-mail today advertising for a new “scientific” diet–we should be, of all things, STARCH-eaters, because “all mammals eat basically the same diet. I really wish I had kept the e-mail now, so that I could this stupidity out with contact information attached. Oh, well. I won’t bother with the fact that fossils […]