Marine Corps Sling

Unfortunately, it has been too many years since I’ve seen one live and up-close. Can anybody still in the USMC/Navy tell me if this looks like J-hook style sling used in rifle qualification? I’m getting tired of the Army-style sling and I want to put my own on the next time I qualify:

Marine Corps is Falling In Love With My Favorite Workout

I discovered CrossFit almost a year ago. Unfortunately, there are no facilities suitable for their WoD’s here in Jefferson City, and I can’t yet afford the equipment on my own. I’m incorporating their principles as much as possible into my own workouts, however, and hopefully someday I’ll be able to partipate for real. For now, […]

Senate Testing Alternative Weapons

As much as the Army likes to gripe about M-16A2–designed by a U.S. Marine–and its derivative M-4, it seems unhappy that the Senate is re-competing the M-4 against other weapons. Although the M-4 has no particular deficiencies–other than the preference of many operators for a larger round–there have been many technological advances in weaponry since […]

U. S. Marine Gets Four Years in Prison–For Kissing

The United States Marine Corps has sentenced SSgt Tyrone L. Hadnot to four years in prison for “abusive sexual misconduct” with a 14 year old girl. According to Hadnot’s statement, he held the girl in place and kissed her–and the girl herself is pressing no charges.But this was apparently enough to sentence SSgt Hadnot to […]