Warming, Viruses, and Conspiracies

People seem disappointed that I’m not immediately jumping on the bandwagon with Dr. Li-Meng Yan’s claim that SARS-COV-2 is a man-made Chinese bioweapon.  There seems to have been some sort of belief that because I oppose the Anthropogenic Global Warming hypothesis and all policies based on it, I must be a fellow conspiracy theorist. So, […]

Go DO Something

I just read a meme that said, “Sometimes it’s okay if all you did today was breathe.” Can you imagine that being said in some rural South American village? “I mean, you know, the whole village is going to starve to death because you didn’t get off of your ass and plow the field, but […]

Training and Nutrition Regimen

Exercise: I have a lot of physically-oriented goals this year, since I finally find myself in a good place to start moving forward again. My training (I don’t ‘work out’; I train for specific goals) regimen will largely based on past successes. Sunday: Rest Day (Church) Monday: Daily Seven, Treadmill Tuesday: Daily Seven, Powerlifting A/B […]

“Right-Wing Panic and Ebola”

So, I came across a screenshot of one “Charles Johnson” of Little Green Footballs asking the question “I wonder if conservatives worried about Ebola becoming airborne realize that they are now supporting evolution?” I went to LGF to see if I could source the quote–and ask if he actually knew what any of the words […]

Settling In

Well, it’s been a long process. I’ve lived in Springfield, MO for about two and half years now. While a lot of the locals bemoan having “nothing to do”, I’ve had a terrible time settling in because there are SO MANY THINGS that I want to do, and they are often scheduled on top of […]


From BioPharma Scientific. I won’t use it while I’m doing a Whole30, but when I’m not… This is the only multiminerals supplement I can see myself using for a while. It’s difficult to make certain that I get all of the minerals that I need, and most supplements have an issue with bioavailability. Chelation mostly […]

A new diet?

I got an e-mail today advertising for a new “scientific” diet–we should be, of all things, STARCH-eaters, because “all mammals eat basically the same diet. I really wish I had kept the e-mail now, so that I could this stupidity out with contact information attached. Oh, well. I won’t bother with the fact that fossils […]

"It’s Just My Scientist Against Your Scientist"

In a recent discussion on the topic of abortion, I linked to a webpage from Princeton illustrating that, scientifically speaking, life begins at conception. The response to this was, “Well, I can pull up scientists who say just the opposite, so you’re really just playing ‘It’s My Scientist Against Your Scientist.” My response: Go ahead–I […]