Training and Nutrition Regimen


I have a lot of physically-oriented goals this year, since I finally find myself in a good place to start moving forward again. My training (I don’t ‘work out’; I train for specific goals) regimen will largely based on past successes.

Sunday: Rest Day (Church)
Monday: Daily Seven, Treadmill
Tuesday: Daily Seven, Powerlifting A/B
Wednesday: Daily Seven, Elliptical Trainer
Thursday: Daily Seven, Powerlifting B/A
Friday: Daily Seven, Stair Climber
Saturday: Daily Seven, Powerlifting A/B

The real core of my training is the ‘Daily Seven’, an idea that I’ve borrowed from my days in the United States Marine Corps. There, each duty day starts with a workout, and every workout starts with a ‘Daily Seven’–any seven calisthenic exercises, done for a specified number of repetitions at a four-count cadence. Form and control, however are not emphasized.

For my training, I am using a system of progressive calisthenics based on both my military and law enforcement training requirements, and the book Convict Conditioning. You can see the specific exercises listed in my yearly and monthly goals; since this is not the only workout that I do, I plan on progressing quite conservatively. A few more reps each month, with the intention of moving up one level of difficulty each year.

For cardio, I have a routine that is highly influenced by the Furman Institute’s “Run Less, Run Faster” program, although it is not the same. I do no outside running, except for PT tests. I have replaced “Key Run #3” with simply 45 minutes on the treadmill, increasing by .1 mph per month. This year, I train at 1% incline; starting January of 2016, that will be 2%. This is my Monday run. On Wednesday, I do my version of ‘Key Run #1’, consisting of a 30-minute HIIT run on the elliptical trainer, rotating between 30-90, 30-60, and 30-30 routines. On Friday, I do my version of ‘Key Run #2’, consisting of 30 minutes of steady-state cardio on the stair-climber.

For actual ENJOYMENT, I do powerlifting. My preference would be to use the ‘Bigger, Faster, Stronger’ system (which would really replace everything in my program), but since no place in town has squat boxes, I am adopting the exercises and set/rep scheme of Mark Rippetoe’s excellent Starting Strength workout. I should make it very clear that I am not DOING ‘Starting Strength’, because I have ‘added to the program’.

On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I also have a Gracie-Barra Jiu-Jitsu (sic) class, and on Sundays I will spend time on the shooting range, practicing rifle and pistol.


So, I really need to start losing a significant amount of weight. This is the simple result of having two jobs with highly-randomized work schedules, and a weakness for a particular brand of cola. Like my exercise regimen, this will be based on past successes.

My breakfast every day shall consist of a drink made from the following:

8 ounces of aloe vera juice, 1 tablespoon of brewer’s yeast, 1 tablespoon of gelatin powder, 1 tablespoon of high-vitamin butter oil, .5 tsp bone powder, .5 tsp cal/mag powder, and .5 tsp virgin cod liver oil. On any day that I weigh more than my monthly weight goal (which drops by five pounds every month or two), this is my only meal for the day.

As long as I weigh at or below my goal weight for the month, I also eat dinner, consisting of 15-16 ounces of animal protein (Fish on Monday and Friday; Offal on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; Eggs and another meat on Sunday and Wednesday) plus a green salad or berry dessert. For every pound of weight below my goal for the month, I get an additional snack of fresh vegetables or fruit, to a maximum of five meals per day.

Published by Little-Known Blogger

I spent the first years of my life in a trailer park outside of a tiny town in rural Missouri. I grew up to be a long-haired, gun-hating, military-hating, Presbyterian super-liberal. Well, perhaps the “growing up” happened later. While in high school, I was on the cross-country and wrestling teams, and actually won my weight-class in a State powerlifting competition. I went on to attend college on a Bright Flight scholarship, where I promptly became an atheist. I trained for a few years in Shotokan karate and Cheng-system taijiquan before training in my first real martial art, Hwarang-Do, under the late Franklin Fowlkes (later the Founder and Grandmaster of the Five Elements Martial Arts System). I married an older Taiwanese woman my junior year, got divorced in short order, and dropped out of college. After completing my AA in Psychology, I decided I needed a complete change of scenery and joined the U.S. Marine Corps (having early been assured that there was no way that a skinny liberal like me would ever survive Boot Camp). Contrary to what the Hipster Zombies will tell you, this did not “brainwash me into being a Conservative”. Instead, it made me a very unhappy, short-haired liberal, surrounded by guns and the military. However, I spent my whole contract (after schools) on the island of Okinawa, where I was exposed to points of view not dominated by the American liberal media. During this time, I taught ESL classes as a side-job, trained under some of the highest-ranking masters of karate on Okinawa, and discovered the practice of Buddhism. I also spent some time in Korea, where I got to train in hapkido. It was during this period that I came gradually to realize how stupid and evil American liberalism actually is. This was partly due to my Military Police command sending me to Small Arms Instructor school, which gave me more exposure to guns than I could ever have imagined—thus negating my idiotic liberal distaste for them. After the active-duty portion of my Marine Corps contract was over, I worked several jobs, from security contracts to operating a forklift in a warehouse. In 2002, however, when the invasion of Iraq was getting under way, I signed up with the Missouri Army National Guard, and have remained with them since, continuing as a Military Policeman. I am also full-time corrections officer, a member of the Anglican Church, and at one time was an Instructor Candidate in Dekiti-Tirsia Serradas Kali (until my instructor moved away). My hobbies (beyond blogging) include strength training, shooting sports, martial arts, creating digital art, and being a huge science and science-fiction geek.

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