Happy New Year!

To be honest, I can think of little to be happy about this evening. Our nation is on the verge of what appears to be a deliberately-caused economic collapse, and our personal freedoms are being chainsawed away by the same administration to a chorus of cheers from the news and entertainment media, and a disturbingly […]

New Year’s Resolution

Okay, this is a bit early…  I’m posting it here because I’m going to need help from friends and family.  Nothing active, mind you, just some support when I come to visit. My New Year’s resolution is to go Paleo for the entire year of 2013.  Not Whole30 for 365 consecutive days (Whole365?), but definitely […]

See, This is Why I Get Grinchy About Christmas…

I was in Wal-Mart last night doing my grocery shopping for the week, and I heard Deck the Halls playing. On the fifth of October??? I mean, I have a lot of good feelings about Wal-Mart as a company–they get decent products to people at good prices, they help out with disaster relief all the […]

Happy Independence Day!

I’ll be working tomorrow, of course, but I doubt that I’ll be posting anything–or that anyone will be reading anything. Remember, tomorrow isn’t about shooting off fireworks in your backyard; tomorrow is about celebrating the birth of the greatest democracy the world has ever seen. There is big movement in the main-stream media that this […]