Man, has this been a busy week!
I’ll start with Thanksgiving; I got to meet a lot of my in-laws (what do you call the father of your sister-in-law?), and see my brother’s new house. It sits on a beautiful 10-acre lot (with lake) just outside of Mexico, MO. Must be nice to marry money!
Then, of course, there was my OCS physical. One more hurdle jumped, and I’m nearly on my way. I have decided, however, to do the “traditional” National Guard OCS. This means that I won’t leave until February, and I’ll only be gone for two weeks. After that, it’s one weekend a month at FT Leonard Wood for 18 months. This will give me a chance to get my degree before I get my commission, so that I actually qualify for jobs that accept commissions.
I’m also in talks with Grantham University. They can’t wait to have me, and I plan on majoring in business while I’m there. MBA here I come!
My big news, however, was the purchase of a 40-acre plot in Nevada. I’m still waiting for the paperwork to come through; I have to find out whether I can use it to get a USDA conservation subsidy or, if not, whether I want to sell it and how much I can get.
I also put together a bunch of furniture that I had bought and left sitting around. Some of that stuff has really poorly written directions!
I only hope next week is slightly less eventful…

Since this is the last Saturday of the month, here are new goals, and the results of my previous list:
Previous goals:
Physical–230 APFT (failed to achieve)
Financial–Balance budged (bought land instead)
Professional–expert qualification with rifle and pistol (didn’t go to qualification range)

Uh-oh, I’m zero for three!
Short Term Goals (31 December 2007)
Educational–Enroll in Columbia College
Financial–01 House Payments to Mom & Dad
———-Pay off Chase
Physical–Push-Up/Sit-Up (35 ea/3 sets, 3/wk)
———-Daily Seven (x15, 3/wk)
———-2 mi run (2:10 split, 17:20 total)
Social–Establish the Jefferson City martial arts group
Spiritual–Find an acceptable Church (probably the Episcopal)

Medium Term Goals (31 March 2008)
Educational–First classes with Columbia College
Financial–Begin stock investment
Physical–Push-Up/Sit UP (50 ea/3 sets, 3/wk)
———-Daily Seven (x25, 3/wk)
———-2 mi run (1:55 split, 15:20 total)
Social–Have tree service remove limbs over my house
Spiritual–Full membership in chosen church

Long-Term Goals (31 December 2008)
Educational–Senior Ranking at Columbia College
Financial–02/03 House payments to Mom & Dad
———-Pay off BoA
Physical–Push-Up/Sit-Up (95 ea/3 sets, 3/wk)
———-Daily Seven (x50, 3/wk)
———-2 mi run (1:30 split, 12:00 total)
Social–Furnish my house
Spiritual–Be Confirmed in the Church

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