Cannibalizing Workouts

So, I have recently started back into the arena of powerlifting, after a nearly twenty-year military-enforced hiatus.  No, the U.S. military doesn’t ban powerlifting; I am just not genetically gifted enough to train in powerlifting and do my daily military PT. In trying to break back in (at the age of 45, now), I first […]

Go DO Something

I just read a meme that said, “Sometimes it’s okay if all you did today was breathe.” Can you imagine that being said in some rural South American village? “I mean, you know, the whole village is going to starve to death because you didn’t get off of your ass and plow the field, but […]

Training and Nutrition Regimen

Exercise: I have a lot of physically-oriented goals this year, since I finally find myself in a good place to start moving forward again. My training (I don’t ‘work out’; I train for specific goals) regimen will largely based on past successes. Sunday: Rest Day (Church) Monday: Daily Seven, Treadmill Tuesday: Daily Seven, Powerlifting A/B […]

Goals for January 2015

Items in bold italics have been accomplished: Bench Press: 125# Squat: 120# Deadlift: 185# Power Clean: 95# Treadmill: 5.9 mph @ 1% incline x 45 minutes (Close-Grip Supinated) Lat Pull-Down: 120# x 5 Reps Half-Squats x 10 Reps Elevated Australian Pull-Ups (5) x 10 Reps Full Push-Ups x 10 Reps Flat Leg Raises x 10 […]