Historical Update

I have been trying to post some historical data regarding previous Federal Shut-downs, but it is proving impossible to find the articles for which I am searching.  Therefore, I wanted to take a moment to record some data for future use.  Before I begin, I must note that I voted for Donald Trump neither in the […]

“Right-Wing Panic and Ebola”

So, I came across a screenshot of one “Charles Johnson” of Little Green Footballs asking the question “I wonder if conservatives worried about Ebola becoming airborne realize that they are now supporting evolution?” I went to LGF to see if I could source the quote–and ask if he actually knew what any of the words […]

US Media finally doing some honest reporting on the border

US News has a story today about what’s really happening on the border. While CNN and other sources like to make it sound as though this is an issue of racist local afraid of “those people” moving into their neighborhoods, the truth is that this is an issue of hyper-violent international criminal gangs taking advantage […]