I’m still catching up on drafts that I saved while I was out-of-town. So, here is a link to the Senate Intelligence Report sponsored by Senator Feinstein which was released (redacted) a few weeks ago: sscistudy1 I will admit, I did not read the entire thing. The incessant back-stabbing, Monday-morning quarterbacking, and just plain mis-representation […]

“Right-Wing Panic and Ebola”

So, I came across a screenshot of one “Charles Johnson” of Little Green Footballs asking the question “I wonder if conservatives worried about Ebola becoming airborne realize that they are now supporting evolution?” I went to LGF to see if I could source the quote–and ask if he actually knew what any of the words […]

Invasions: Syria vs. Iraq

I know I’ve promised several posts which I have not delivered, but I’ve been unbelievably busy lately. As soon as I can get to them, I still think they’re all worthwhile. In the meantime, I wanted to offer a quick thought on the “Invasion of Syria vs. Invasion of Iraq” comparisons which are going through […]

U.S. Senate Fact-Checking Movies Suddenly?

Senators Feinstein, McCain and others apparently sent a letter to the director of the CIA demanding a fact-check of a Hollywood movie. While I find the idea of fact-checking a work of fiction a bit ridiculous, I have to wonder why this movie in particulare was called on? Why wasn’t this level of Senatorial diligence/time […]

John Kerry At It Again…

Well, at least he didn’t mention “Jenjis” Khan this time… Senator Kerry was just on FOX News explaining how the Surge was EXACTLY the WRONG tactic to take, and how all of the success in Iraq is really due to the Awakening–which was completely uninfluenced by the Surge. Of course, he went out of his […]

Another Province Handed Over

Well, this is one of the poorest-written articles I’ve seen professionally published… I’m going to have to go over it again to see if the actual name of the province is even mentioned–the reporter seems to trip over himself trying to report incidents of violence in-country. However, according to the AP, we have handed another […]