John Kerry At It Again…

Well, at least he didn’t mention “Jenjis” Khan this time…

Senator Kerry was just on FOX News explaining how the Surge was EXACTLY the WRONG tactic to take, and how all of the success in Iraq is really due to the Awakening–which was completely uninfluenced by the Surge. Of course, he went out of his way to say how the American troops–who had nothing whatsoever to do with the destruction of al Qaeda and stabilization of Iraq–as “the greatest troops in the world.” I wonder whether it was a Freudian slip when he said that they had been “unleashed?”

Obviously, this is all nonsense. While the Awakening has been instrumental in defeating al Qaeda in Iraq, it would never have occurred had the United States not shown its resolve in sending the Surge in the first place. Quite simply, you cannot fight a war half-heartedly; when you fight a war, fight a war.

Sorry I don’t have video to link yet; I’m sure someone will post something on YouTube soon…

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  1. returning home from his brief tour in Viet Nam, John Kerry helped arrange the “Winter Soldier Trials,” a congressional hearing in which John Kerry and a bunch of people pretending to be veterans made up stories about committing war crimes in Viet Nam to erode public opinion of the war.John Kerry is famous for stating that he “personally witnessed American troops committing acts reminscent of Ghengis Khan” (which he mispronounced “Jenjis”). If this is true (unlikely), then Kerry is himself a war criminal (which is actually supportable from his own writings). If it is a lie (which all evidence indicates it is), then it is both perjory and sedition. In either case, John Kerry should at the very least be serving time in prison.

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