Twilight falls Upon the Empire of the West Truth recedes And knowledge is forsaken.   Family is meaningless Innocence is meaningless   The Wise Men have been deafened Listening As fools chatter Into government-issued megaphones.   Life is meaningless Sacrifice is meaningless   We hand our executioners the axe And expect a welcoming hug We […]


The nascent poem denies its birth. It shrieks ennui behind my eyes; While wailing angels weigh my worth As silence sweeps the shadowed skies. But as the dark descends, I rise And grit my teeth against the tears! I will not cease, though all hope dies, To stand my watch unnumbered years– I am the […]

Poème du Jour de Saint-Valentin Pour l’Ange Sauvage

I saw a Spirit soaring free, And prayed it might alight near me. “Oh, Valkyrie, where goest thou, With fey war-paint upon thy brow?” She said two words as she flew past, And I knew my heart was caught at last– The Wild Angel held it fast.

I recently attended a briefing on sexual assault prevention through my military unit. Predictably, the attendant video depicted a caucasian male officer fraternizing with an ethnic female junior enlisted. No actual sex took place; the assualt consisted of the male groping the female behind a bar AFTER she had flirted with him. And also, apparently, […]


Whatever happenedTo the tomorrowOf yesterday? Heroes with sinews of syntaxAnd swords quenched in syllogismCruise the blooded highwaysOf information. The Madmen danceTo the Dark Angels’ harping;Happiness is dopamineAnd all life is suffering Tamagochi and karaoke;Ban books and censor TVBut don’t make me raise my kids Logic bombs and Behrer bonds,Anthrax and “I love you” Whatever happenedTo […]

The First Ballad of Avril the Legionnaire

The people at People and E! MagazineThought they’d seen every celebrity sceneAnd knew all the fads that came with each seasonBut even the Enquirer was stumped for a reasonWhen Avril Lavigne joined the French Foreign Legion. She made up her face, and kept her face plainAs she listened, aghast, to the recruiter explain:“There’s been some […]