Well, it’s been a long process. I’ve lived in Springfield, MO for about two and half years now. While a lot of the locals bemoan having “nothing to do”, I’ve had a terrible time settling in because there are SO MANY THINGS that I want to do, and they are often scheduled on top of each other.

Prior to Springfield, I lived for five years in Jefferson “No, we really have NOTHING to do” City, MO; before that, several years in Columbia “My God, it’s full of useless Hippies”, MO; and before that I was in the “You have no time for anything” United States Marine Corps. So, I think I can be held blameless for a bit of hyper-activity. 🙂

I’ve cut myself down to ONE decent martial arts school (GM Kevin Luttrell’s hapkido program at Next Level Sport Karate, although I have little use for the main “taekwondo” program taught at the school) (Only one martial art is KILLING me… but it’s better than none. And I’ll get into other programs once I’m re-established), and one non-military physical training regimen (Powerlifting. Sans the progressive calisthenics, kettlebell training, rope-jumping, and all of the other stuff that I had been doing and still want to do. Get established and branch out from there.).

This puts me into almost the exact same physical training regimen that I was in during my latter college days which were my physical peak and, had I not been married, would have been the best days of my life.

I’ve also settled in to the morning shift at work, finally getting a schedule set to maximize my productivity around the weird sleep pattern. My next step is to finally get moved in to a local Church and Lodge.

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Correctional Officer, Martial Artist, Firearms Instructor, Digital Artist, Published Poet, Retired Military, Constitutional Conservative, Christian (Anglican) B. S. Multidisciplinary Studies, summa cum laude

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