A new diet?

I got an e-mail today advertising for a new “scientific” diet–we should be, of all things, STARCH-eaters, because “all mammals eat basically the same diet. I really wish I had kept the e-mail now, so that I could this stupidity out with contact information attached. Oh, well.
I won’t bother with the fact that fossils demonstrate that there are whole eras (notably during ice ages) where humans ate basically NO plant matter, or that these eras where when we were actually under evolutionary pressure (unlike now). I’ll just ask which “diet” he thinks all mammals (and therefore we) are built for? Perhaps the Aardvark diet (ants and termites)? Or the vampire bat diet (raw blood)? Or the canine diet (raw meat and entrails, including feces)?
This is just another idiotic attempt to push vegetarianism. Folks, we have the brains we do because, unlike our apish ancestors, we started incorporating foods high in omega-3 fatty acids. That means MEAT, and especially seafood. Avoiding animal-based food is bad for brain function (explaining Democrats) and especially DEVELOPMENT in children.

I believe I will dub this the “AGW diet”–because a bunch of people will follow it because they WANT it to be true, and they’ll point out the word “scientific” as justification that anyone who disagrees with them, must not be.

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