So, I came across this several-years-old article this morning. It is by one Dr. Kurt Harris, one of the leading Paleo gurus (although often at odds with the Paleo community in general). Unfortunately, none of the links for “further reading” work, and I cannot find any of his material (including his entire blog) on the internet.

I wish that I had come across his material sooner (when it was actually AVAILABLE); I have been a fan of the Weston A. Price Foundation for some time, and am glad to see someone with better credentials than I mixing their recommendations with the Paleo milieu.

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  1. I’ve been toying with Paleo for awhile because it claims to have autoimmune benefits, but I can’t bring myself to believe that brown rice and other whole grains are the things that will kill me. But I do agree that refined sugar and processed foods are pretty universally bad, so I’m trying to cut out white sugar, white flour, white pasta, etc. I guess it has become a variation on the South Beach Diet more than Paleo.

    At this point, my philosophy is mostly “eat lots of fruits and veggies, cook for yourself, and don’t eat out of a box.”

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