Iron Man 3

First, the trailer roundup: Until now, I was pretty convinced that “After Earth” was going to be another “I Am Legend” debacle for the otherwise-brilliant Will Smith. The trailer I saw today makes me think it might be worth watching. I saw no sign of the U.S. military in the new “Wolverine” trailer, so hopefully […]

The Evil Dead (2013)

You may all thank me; I have gone to see “The Evil Dead” so that you don’t have to. But first, my Hollywood Crap assessment: A movie poster was up for “The Lone Ranger”. Before you go walking too far down the thought-path of Hollywood possibly having made a watchable movie, you should know that […]

U.S. Senate Fact-Checking Movies Suddenly?

Senators Feinstein, McCain and others apparently sent a letter to the director of the CIA demanding a fact-check of a Hollywood movie. While I find the idea of fact-checking a work of fiction a bit ridiculous, I have to wonder why this movie in particulare was called on? Why wasn’t this level of Senatorial diligence/time […]

Movie Review: Ted

What happens when a bunch of actors I don’t care for get together to play a bunch of characters I couldn’t possibly care about? Ted. I will hand it to the writers, the movie is occassionally clever (“Nothing is more powerful than the Christmas wish of a young boy. Except an Apache helicopter.”). And, frankly, […]

The Top Ten Worst Movies of All Time, According To…

Rifftrax, the major franchise spawn of my perennial favorite, Mystery Science Theater 3000.  They apparently do a regular poll of their fans to vote on the worst movies, and here is their list of worst movies, ever.  Exit quote: “If you put Halle Berry in a leather catsuit and STILL wind up with a 3/10 […]

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The short version: If you are a JRR Tolkein purist, you will enjoy this slightly less than the LOTR movie franchise.  If you are looking for a fun fantasy movie, this is a pretty good one.  The long version: A lot of effort (and padding!) has been put into making The Hobbit run parallel to […]

Star Trek and Wolverine: Origins

Let’s start with Star Trek. Honestly, I haven’t been a fan of the Star Trek franchise since I was in high school. The constant utopianism is grating, and since Scientology (in The Undiscovered Country) and Communism (in First Contact) were officially adopted into the Utopia of the Federation, well… I just threw up a little […]