An American Carol

“Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.”–Samuel Clemens I’ve started with that quote because I’ve had some time to consider its meaning, given all of the times it has been thrown at me for being a “brainwashed killer.” The truth is, Clemens didn’t mean that patriots are scoundrels–but that scoundrels would use the veneer […]

Movie Showdown

An interesting showdown shaping up in the cinema this week–“An American Carol,” the conservatively-oriented spoof produced by the Friends of Abe, opened today, as did Bill Maher’s religion-bashing movie, “Religulous.” It’s the resurgence of American Conservatism vs. more spiteful Hollywood liberalism… I don’t know how good Carol is going to be, but I’ll be going […]

Cinematic Believability

This is an argument that I’ve made several times, and I was surprised, as I went through my blog history, that I haven’t posted it before. Essentially, there are two ways to make fiction believable: realism and plausibility. Many people confuse these, but they are quite different: realism means that the story generally conforms to […]