The Hobbit Part 3: The Battle of Five Armies (Spoilers)

I’ll be honest: while I was prepared to allow significant leeway from the absolute MASTERPIECE that is The Lord of the Rings when Hollywood set out to do a movie adaptation (I simply assume that they are too incompetent to do an accurate portrayal), I lost most of my interest in the franchise in the […]

Movie Review: Pacific Rim

Okay, first the previews: The new trailer confirms that “Elysium” will be this year’s “Avatar“. Because it will be a jaw-dropping special effects extravanza of science-fictiony goodness? No. Because it will be another piece of ridiculous Leftist tripe that I won’t watch. Ever. Now, for the feature: I won’t do any spoilers for Pacific Rim […]

The Evil Dead (2013)

You may all thank me; I have gone to see “The Evil Dead” so that you don’t have to. But first, my Hollywood Crap assessment: A movie poster was up for “The Lone Ranger”. Before you go walking too far down the thought-path of Hollywood possibly having made a watchable movie, you should know that […]