Bitch Slap

Well, we’re almost three months in to 2010, and they’ve finally released a movie I find watchable–straight to DVD, of course. Even the mighty Avatar has taken its place next to Pearl Harbor and Titanic in the dustbin of “Blockbusters I will probably never, ever watch.”

Before I go any farther, let me state for the record that this movie is not for everyone. Am I recommending this movie because it has an inspiring message of reason and liberty? No. Am I recommending this movie because it is all about three incredibly hot chicks in skimpy, skimpy outfits who alternate between cat-fighting and making out with each other?

Hell, YES!

If hot chicks shooting things with incredibly large guns (occasionally from motorcycles) doesn’t appeal to you, may I recommend Bitch Slap for the sheer inventiveness of its vulgarity? I couldn’t even follow some of the invectives.

Adding to the fun is the fact that the cast of Hercules and Xena are on board. And I don’t mean a couple of recurring extras like you find in other B flicks–I mean Kevin Sorbo, Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst and Renee O’Connor! This makes it even better, because I’ve been using these shows as mental floss between homework assignments.

Folks, if what I’ve described has intrigued you, watch this movie. It’s LOTS of fun. Guys, you can watch this with your girlfriend–in the week between the moment the final credits end, and the moment she finally starts talking to you again, you can drop back by here to thank me.

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