Conversations with Gun-Control Lunatics

Paraphrased for brevity and clarity: —– Me: Not that human rights should ever be negotiable, but if gun-control were really effective at saving lives, why is the murder rate so high in Chicago, which has some of the strictest gun control in the nation? Her: The crime in Chicago is high because of guns brought […]

Wounded Warrior Project is a Waste of Money

Just in case you didn’t know.  They reject anything to do with firearms, knives, or Christian charities–the largest communities which support veterans.  And the very things that veterans have fought to protect.  Only about half of their donations actually go to veterans; the rest go to executive salaries, parties, and marketing. If you really want to […]

My Thoughts on Proposition 8

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A certain segment of society would have you believe that Proposition 8 discriminates against homosexuals by denying them the right of marriage, and that it was created and forced onto the public by gay-hating Christians. I have some thoughts on this matter: 1. Proposition 8 does not…

Pope recruits Naomi Klein to fight Climate Change and Capitalism

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Naomi Klein has been invited to attend a top level conference at the Vatican, to advise leaders how to fight climate change and dismantle capitalism. According to The Guardian; Naomi Klein and Cardinal Peter Turkson are to lead a high-level conference on the environment, bringing together churchmen, scientists…

Why It’s So Hard to Convince Warmists

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Social science provides a lot of useful insight as to why logic and data rarely convince warmists. lalalala – I can’t hear you! Guest essay by Matt Manos Many of the posters and readers at WUWT have expressed frustration at convincing warmists. Using facts and logic seem to…