Conversations with Gun-Control Lunatics

Paraphrased for brevity and clarity: —– Me: Not that human rights should ever be negotiable, but if gun-control were really effective at saving lives, why is the murder rate so high in Chicago, which has some of the strictest gun control in the nation? Her: The crime in Chicago is high because of guns brought […]

My First Meme

…Okay, technically it’s my second.  But my actual first one wasn’t really very good… so… Being a bit of an old fogey, I am sometimes slow to find things on these new-fangledy interwebs.  Yesterday, I discovered  I think I’ll have a lot of fun there.


You know, say what you will about Liam Neeson being a fascist, gun-grabbing lunatic. Or a totally hypocritical jackass in his uber-violent criminal movies. But at least he’s trying to make physics popular! I’m not sure what constant temperature (T) x The Glaisher-Kinkelin constant (A) x the equilibrium constant (K) x (3N) has to do […]

Why I Don’t Support Ron Paul

Some people wonder why, if I am supporter of more-limited government, I never supported Ron Paul.  The short answer: his foreign policy is bunch of conspiracy-theory inspired COO-COO. Here’s Dr. Paul in 2008.  There had just been an incident in which small Iranian boats threatened to blow up US Navy warships, and then started dropping […]

Conversations with Atheists 2

Paraphrased for brevity and clarity: —– Her: You don’t need god (sic) to explain creation. Multiple universes explains exactly how our universe came to be. Me: Even if it were a valid hypothesis, which it isn’t, MUT only pushes First Cause back one step. It doesn’t eliminate the logical necessity. Her: It’s more valid that […]

On Income Taxation

Today, I happened across this post by Hessianwithteeth, and thought it was worth a rebuttal.  So: The real issue is not ‘taxation.’  The real issue is the “income tax”.  I’ve never come across anyone seriously arguing against sales taxes, they just specialize the use of the word ‘tax’ to refer to “income tax”.  The reason that the […]

Yet Another Income Tax Suggestion

As we all know, my only real suggestion for income taxes is FAIRTax. Because the so-called “income tax” is not a legitimate tax at all, and should be abolished. My second suggestion is that, if EARNINGS CONFISCATION (let’s call it what it really is) is going to continue, that payday deductions cease. The entire amount […]


I’m still catching up on drafts that I saved while I was out-of-town. So, here is a link to the Senate Intelligence Report sponsored by Senator Feinstein which was released (redacted) a few weeks ago: sscistudy1 I will admit, I did not read the entire thing. The incessant back-stabbing, Monday-morning quarterbacking, and just plain mis-representation […]