Some people wonder why, if I am supporter of more-limited government, I never supported Ron Paul.  The short answer: his foreign policy is bunch of conspiracy-theory inspired COO-COO.

Here’s Dr. Paul in 2008.  There had just been an incident in which small Iranian boats threatened to blow up US Navy warships, and then started dropping boxes in the water.  Brit Hume asks the candidates if they supported the Commander’s decision to meet this threat passively.  All of the candidates respond “yes”–except Ron Paul, who is just horrified that EVERYONE WANTS TO START WORLD WAR THREE:

Part four was a necessary prologue, because Ron Paul supporters have posted videos edited to make it look as if the other candidates were pushing for war.  Context is important.  The best part is in the first few seconds of the part five video, where Hume asks Paul what on Earth he’s responding to, and Paul tries to recover:

But it wasn’t a hearing problem at all.  Paul is a conspiracy nut who thinks that the entire U.S. military exists for NO OTHER REASON than to provoke other nations into war (actually a very bad idea, considering that it’s military personnel whose lives are on the line when there IS a war), and who has publicly supported HAMAS’ attacks on Israeli civilians.

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