My Own Private Valentine

Okay, the real name of the movie is Private Valentine: Blonde and Dangerous. Yes, I watched a chick flick. I figure, at this juncture in my life, am I really doing anything that requires me to keep my testosterone up? NO.

Anyway, there are (believe it or not) some technical errors with the film. In fact, most of the “Army Basic Training” is actually taken from Marine Corps Boot Camp. Rather than give an exhaustive list (after all, it isn’t supposed to be a documentary of Army life), I’m just going to mention two that really need it.

1) Two of the characters–including the main character–wind up hooking up with their drill sergeants after training. I think that this is a VERY bad message to send the young women who might watch this movie.

2) At one point, Private Valentine’s company commander denies her request to be released from training because she is “property of the U. S. Army.” I cannot begin to describe how angry I get every time I hear this nonsense. YOU CANNOT OWN PEOPLE IN THE UNITED STATES. Military personnel are contracted employees.

That having been said, this movie came as close to giving the U.S. military a fair shake as you’re probably likely to see from most of Hollywood. The characters were intelligent and dedicated, and most were there out of a sincere sense of duty or a desire to improve themselves. Brava, Ms. Simpson!

On another note, February 10th is the release date of W. It’s a fallacious piece of crap made by a pretentious, America-hating piece of crap. Don’t buy it, don’t rent it, don’t put it in your Netflix queue.

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