The Military Supporting Obama?

Luke Rosiak reported today on Open Secrets that Barack Obama is recieving donations from troops abroad at a six-to-one ratio to John McCain (and approximately 1.5 to one from all military personnel). Total donations to the Obama campaign from troops abroad were just over $60,000.00.

Wondering why my fellow servicemen were selling out my country, I got in and did some research myself. I came up with the following totals:
all personnel listing “army” as employer: $5,942.00
all personnel listing “navy” as employer: $1,000.00
all personnel listing “air force” as employer: $1,300.00
all personnel listing “marine corps” as employer: $0.00 (OOH-RAH!)

Now, I’m no great shakes at math, but that seems to fall a bit short $60,000.00.

Can anyone clarify where those other numbers came from?

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  1. The demoncratic party is founded on deception and outright lies. If ANYONE in the military supported Obama they are a certifiable JACKASS, & I mean that in the most deragatory way possible. Real democrats represent exactly what the bandwagon democrats (read unimformed/ "dems on the street") think Republicans are. In reality its just the opposite. The "professional demoncrats" in office are the dirtiest, most heinious, distorters of the truth & our country should be embarassed by their actions. Furthermore, if you were to take a good look at things you would see the modern demoncratic party is more on line with communism. Wait a minute here!!! Ok, ok…. I could see a lot of people in the Army supporting Obama. Considering the leadership there is all about smoke and mirrors and "checking the box" instead of real results. It all makes sense now! I hope my revelation has been yours as well. Now, if we could just get some "reform" in the U.S. Army….Semper Fi(if this angers you then you are either A- a dumb ass B- in the Army C- a hippie or finally D- an honest American that has had enough of DEMOCRATS, & want to make a positive difference in America.

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