6 responses to “Thursday, 14 August 2008

  1. The Essenes were a group of Jewish mystics who practiced a series of intiations based on the four elements–earth, water, air and fire–that the Jews had learned in Egypt. The Greek word for these initiations was “baptizmos,” or “immersion.” Not being familiar with the tradition of the Essenes–or perhaps trying to minimize the Jewish influence in the Bible–the translators of the KJV substituted the word “Baptist” for “Essene.”The Earth baptism was called “Hylic,” and occurred when someone was physically born. The Water baptism was called “Psychic,” and signified the decision to embark upon a spiritual life. The Air baptism was called, “Pnuematic” and represented a deeper understanding of spiritual matters. The Fire initiation was called “Gnostic(!),” and represented release from physical bondage and reunion with the nature of God.As for favorite miracles… I don’t know. The one I cite the most in conversation is turning water into wine–usually to people who try to assert that Christians shouldn’t drink alcohol. 🙂

  2. From Bluebird:This blog keeps eating my comments! >:/ Err!Anyway. I am fusturated because I am spending WAY to much $$$ on household/groceries every week! $200! And that doesn't buy much food! There is nothing good to eat here right now. All boring things like pbj or eggs or cereal or bananas. I know that I am being spoiled. I am just venting. >:O !!!!!!!!!I NEED some chocolate!!!!!Are you having grocery probelms in this economy?

  3. You are making me lol…I had posted about groceries in the "chrysalis" blog b/c you talk about food there…Anyway. I am going to have ice-cream for lunch. The kids had pbj and apples. YUCK. I am tired of this. Tired also, of making cheese quesadills all the time! And salad! Blah! Forgive me for being spoiled… I just feel nutty right now… no chocolate in the house…I do not know how to send less on groceries. We haven't even been buying meat! Just hot dogs!Doesn't $200 a week for food/household seem outrageous!!??And I am tired of you abandoning myspace groups! >:P

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