Sunday, 06 July 2008

The main pastor of the local Unity Church was back today; Rev. Rosado. No matter how interested I become in Unity, I don’t like her sermons (or “lessons,” they are called in Unity). I also realized some things about the Unity Christian Church:
–They apparently are Nestorian, and may have adopted this belief from Dr. Lamsa. That is to say, they believe that the man “Jesus” and the redemptive spirit, “Christ,” were two separate beings. This actually goes along with certain Gnostic teachings, although the Unity folks apparently ascribe this condition to everyone.
–They don’t have crosses anywhere that I could see. I’ll have to discuss this before I join.
–They now have a fly up advocating a “U.S. Department of Peace.” This, folks, is an abomination. It is not the business of the U. S. Government to enforce specific conflict-resolution methods on private citizens. Further, the U. S. of A. was founded on the ideal that FREEDOM IS WORTH FIGHTING AND DYING FOR. I may post more on this later.

I have been invited to both an upcoming church picnic and a float trip; it is refreshing to once again be part of a group which puts such things on. I hope that I don’t have to leave for doctrinal reasons–of course, I won’t be the first person in history who didn’t see completely eye-to-eye with their pastor, if I do stay.

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  1. Oh, I love church picnics! 🙂 What is a “float trip”? You could make some good friends! :DI never heard of “U.S. Department of Peace”, but if you say it is an abomination, I believe you!Seems like you have some careful consideration to do, even though you know that it is ok to disagree about some things, there of course, can be issues that are too big.

  2. A float trip is when a bunch of people go canoeing together. We used to do it all the time when I was in the Boy Scouts!The U. S. Department of Peace doesn’t exist; some people are trying to create it. If you watch the Marines vs. Code Pink video on my MyYearbook profile, the Berkely City Council member mentions it toward the end.

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