Let’s Set Some Goals!

Okay, I’ve decided to add some focus to my life: it’s time to start setting real goals! I will set goals of three durations: short-term (monthly goals), medium term (quarterly goals), and long term (annual goals). I will make a new posting each month of new goals, and note which I achieve and which I fail. (I can tell that you’re already excited) For now, I will be focusing on four areas which need drastic improvement: physical fitness, financial portfolio, professional development, and homeownership.

My goals as of 1 NOV 2007 will be:

Short-Term (for 31 NOV 2007):
Physical: Score 230 on my APFT *
Financial: Balance my personal budget
Professional: Expert Rifle and Pistol qualification
Homeowner: Have washing machine fixed

Medium-Term (for 31 DEC 2007):
Physical: 15% bodyfat (isn’t that pathetic?)
Financial: Close accounts with Chase Bank
Professional: Finish all preparation for OCS
Homeowner: Cut tree limbs for insurance compliance

Long-Term (for 31 DEC 2008):
Physical: APFT badge (minimum 90 in each APFT event)
Financial: Open account with thinkorswim.com
Professional: Find GS-09 or better job to accept commission
Homeowner: Furnish living room

* I would like to add that scoring well on the APFT actually has nothing to do with physical fitness (especially as a military member), and training for one can actually be detrimental to one’s health. APFT goals would probably be better situated under “professional development.” However, training for APFT’s does AFFECT my physical training overall: it takes time and energy away from other endeavors; it demands that I build muscles with lots of mitochondria and capillaries when what I really need is big, reinforced myofribils; it makes my heart more efficient when it needs to be stronger (efficiency in the heart isn’t as good as it sounds); etc.

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Correctional Officer, Martial Artist, Firearms Instructor, Digital Artist, Published Poet, Retired Military, Constitutional Conservative, Christian (Anglican) B. S. Multidisciplinary Studies, summa cum laude

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