10 July 2006

Well, for those who don’t know, the National Guard has finally decided to promote me. Next month, I should be drilling with a unit all the way down in West Plains, MO–as a sergeant. Of course, not a week after I accepted the promotion, a friend of my current OIC joined the unit–an ex-Army Ranger who trains tactical teams as a civilian. They have a whole year of SRT training laid out, hoping to get the unit into a position as the “elite training” unit in the Missouri National Guard. The LT was even going to push through my applications for all those cool schools I’ve been trying to get into–Squad Designated Marksman, Hand-to-Hand Combat Instructor, etc. But I’m not bitter. 🙂 After all, I’m really just one step closer to Warrant Officer.
Since my first round of classes is finished, and I’m not signed up for the next session due to upcoming military training, I’ve taken some time to work on my martial arts “school”. I thought some periodic circulars would be a good–and inexpensive–way to assist word-of-mouth recruiting (“Look, here’s what we worked on in school”), as well as a good way to help student retain information.
i was going to attach the first circular, but it’s taking too long to send–maybe I’ll figure out another way.

Mom and Dad have apparently taken a vacation from work. Good for them! Jeremy’s wedding draw ever closer; I’ll be taking my Class A’s to the dry-cleaner this week. (The Army has officially discontinued the Class A uniform, as well as the Army Dress Blue uniform, in favor of a single, Service Blue uniform. The National Guard is scheduled to get theirs–in 2011!!) Kevin will be in Bahrain for some time. He has begun watching SG-1 (may God have mercy on his soul). Rachelle is taking advantage of her time alone to remodel (and refrigerate) their home.

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Correctional Officer, Martial Artist, Firearms Instructor, Digital Artist, Published Poet, Retired Military, Constitutional Conservative, Christian (Anglican) B. S. Multidisciplinary Studies, summa cum laude

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