17 June, 2006

Not much to offer from work; I’m actually working mostly in another department. I did almost have a date this weekend with a lovely young second-year chemistry senior named Amanda (I love that name!), but she was busy due to Daddy’s Day. Perhaps next weekend–she’s expressed an interest in Tokyo Drift.
I have had a couple of interesting conversations with another young lady–not nearly as cute, and already with seven kids–regarding potential problems with my love life:
Her: If you’re 34 years old and haven’t found someone yet, maybe your standards are too high?
Me: Come now, how hard can it be to find a nymphomaniac gymnast who likes to cook?

Her: You seem like a nice enough guy, but sometimes you come across as being superior.
Me: I know I seem a little arrogant at times, but it’s really not intentional. It’s just that I’m so much better than everyone else.
Plowing right along through my management classes, this session should be no problem. I do need to get former college and military transcripts to Columbia College, though, as apparently they haven’t arrived yet. Also, I’ve sent away for information from a Chiropractic school in Kansas City.
On a semi-related note, I am once again a semi-finalist for Poetry.com’s $10,000.00 annual grand prize; wish me luck. My poem this time is probably the last one that I will ever submit to them, The First Ballad of Avril the Legionnaire, which is already posted on this blog.
The 2675th MP’s are trying to set me up as their Unit Marksmanship Coordinator, which I think is great. It might even make the Army fun. I need to get some information about the program, though; the guy who was supposed to e-mail me, hasn’t. I ‘ve also gotten some information about preparing for OCS next year; I’ll need to coordinate for a physical and to re-take my ACT (which I think I can do for free at Ft Leonard Wood).
Martial Arts:
I was plowing right along with plans to start my school, but my homework from college has caused a bit of a snag. On the up side, I’ve contacted Mike Olive about occasional future training sessions.
My big recent entertainment was Kevin’s “Wetting Down”/going away party. He’s being promoted to Lieutenant (O-3 in Navy ranks), and he shipped off for about six months of active duty on Friday. He and Rachelle put on a big party. It was great, and I wish I could’ve stayed for a longer visit.
Movie-wise, there’s nothing important to relate. Given that Hollywood has remade The Omen, and that their next big release will be Snakes on Planes, I’d say that it’s safe to say they’ve officially run out of ideas for movies. The only plus is that Superman Returns is starting to look like it might actually be good.

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