Upcoming Posts

I’ve been in an interesting discussion of religion on Twitter today. Since I was already planning a post on “Superstition, Mythology, Faith and Religion”, I’ve also queued up a post on “Religion and Violence”. Another upcoming topic will be an analysis of (or probably, rebuttal to) Wodarz and Komarova’s “Dependence of the Firearm-Related Homicide Rate […]

Executive Fiat

Well, I’ve been away for a little bit; mostly with training, some with illness. The big news right now is the battle which I hope is shaping up between Congress and the President, as President Obama issues executive order after executive order regarding victim disarmement. Several sheriffs have already posted on Facebook that no such […]

Victim Disarmament Legislation Being Introduced

Senator Feinstein is slated to introduce new victim disarmament legislation today, and we all know that the President is keen to sign as much of it as he can. This would be a great time to start contacting your Congressmen and letting reminding them that their job is to protect your rights. The Congressional Switchboard […]

Moving Targets

In a Twitter conversation last night, I was directed to a pro-victim-disarmament “study by Harvard University”. The link I was to follow never opened, but I did find their most recent study on my own (and I certainly agree with the author’s conclusions). On the contrary, the Harvard Injury Control Research Center has collected abstracts […]