Me (in response to a Facebook meme): Atheism is fundamentally incompatible with science. Atheist A: “I would like you to explain that. I would never say general creationism is fundamentally incompatible with science. As the existence of a God can not be proven or dis proven. I would say young earth creationism is incompatible with […]

Why God is Not Proved. And Why That’s Right.

Physicist Pierre-Simon Laplace is best known, among post-modern atheists, for a quote from a conversation with Napoleon Bonaparte. When Napoleon asked how he had composed an entire book on physical operations without a single reference to God, Laplace replied, “I had no need of that hypothesis.” Except, of course, that that is not at all […]

Reasonable Faith: Pascal’s Wager

This post is inspired by Dr. William L. Craig’s explaination of Pascal’s Wager on his website. I have only recently discovered Dr. Craig’s writings and, while not usually a fan of Evangelical Churches, Dr. Lane appears to be an excellent logician. I did have a point to make about this argument in particular however. From […]