The Propheteers

The Towers were broken, and the Madmen
Laughed, for the flame, and the death, and our fears
Three thousand died and the Strange Folk have lied
For the profit of Jihad Propheteers.

There are those who have expressed the odd View
That architechtural steel would not fade
If subject to fire; and so I inquire
By what process do they think steel is made?

Another wrote war memoirs of Iraq
And the horror of his moral decay
Though no one recalls his craven attack
And he had not yet seen combat a day.

Jamil Hussein, late of Bahgdad PD
The AP has quite often insisted
Writes of loss in Iraq, but would he still
If the author of these pieces existed?

Chaos shrieks a hideous lullaby
While the Light croons a long dying lament
The world descends in a Fedayeen cry
And never will the Propheteers repent.

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