You know, George W. Bush was not a “great” President. He got ambushed by the repercussions of Bill Clinton’s policies, and while he was trying to do what needed to be done, he was continually set upon by some very powerful powerful folks. Nancy Pelosi, architect of the current crisis, being prime among them.

His biggest failing was never taking the offensive in the media; as a result we still have generations of Americans who think that Iraq and Afghanistan were a “waste of blood for oil” and that there were “no WMD”. He was so reviled by the globalist Democrats and their know-nothing constituents that parades were organized through major cities simply to hold signs of him with devil-horns.  All of the people who say that they have “never seen anything like Trump Derangement Syndrome” have apparently forgotten that TDS is just a play-on-words for the histrionics collectively known as “Bush Derangement Syndrome.”

But he was never anything but a gentleman; to the troops he deployed, or the Democrats who ordered him to deploy them–and then called him a monster for doing it.

Today, he brought some pizzas to Secret Service officers on duty, and said that the Democrats and Republicans should be working together to resolve the shutdown. And all the know-nothings are screaming about what a monster he is for doing it. For buying pizza for people who protect his family, and saying that the elected officials should do their jobs.

*Update* For everyone screaming that George W. Bush should shut up, because he didn’t do anything about the border while he was in office:

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