“Nature” Study on Sea-Level Rise

According to Phys.Org, a new study has been published in Nature regarding an acceleration in sea-level rise. If you’ve read my paper (‘Socialism and Scientific Illiteracy’), you’ll understand why I am non-plussed by publication in Nature. In the Phys.Org piece, there’s lots of ‘estimates’ and ‘believes’ and ‘everyone agrees’. Bad enough. More importantly, the authors of the referenced study talk about using computer models to get away from actual recording devices. Because, you see, the actual recording devices aren’t good enough–so we have to simulate to get the answers that we want. The underlying cause of sea level rise, according to the authors, is that global warming (*gasp* I thought it was ‘climate disruption’!) is melting the polar caps.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the Antarctic ice cover has reached yet another new maximum.

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