So, now apparently the idea is to post pictures on the Facebook accounts of anyone who supports REAL marriage, accusing them of being “afraid”.

Never mind the big post I made yesterday explaining my position; ignore it, I can only be objecting out of “fear” (a la Michael Moore’s ‘Bowling for Columbine’). A variation of the more-often-used charge of ‘racism’.

So be it. I am afraid. I am as afraid of this attack on the First Amendment protection of religious establishments as I am of attacks on freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, and every other freedom we as Americans have secured in our Constitution.

Because I swore an oath to defend that Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. And the observable increase, both in frequency and ferocity of these attacks, means that I am failing in that oath.

It doesn’t matter if people make these attacks out of ignorance of the Constitution, disregard for their consequences, or a willing desire to establish a totalitarian American regime. The end is the same.

If you believe that my fear to see that end for the United States, to fail in my oath, makes me a bad person, then so be it. I will accept your comments about “fear” and “racism” and “bigotry”. But I will continue to make rational arguments to support true freedom and the US Constitution, until they are safe or I am no longer able.

Published by Little-Known Blogger

Correctional Officer, Martial Artist, Firearms Instructor, Digital Artist, Published Poet, Retired Military, Constitutional Conservative, Christian (Anglican) B. S. Multidisciplinary Studies, summa cum laude

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