Damned Selfish Conservatives!

Recently on Facebook, I came across the question: “Do conservatives ever care about anything except their own money?” Here is my response:

If American conservatives were ever primarily concerned with money, that period ended with the ascent of the New Right in 1980. The concern of conservatives today is FREEDOM–specifically, those freedoms won by the Founding Fathers and enshrined in the U. S. Constitution. To say that American conservatives are unconcerned with other peoples’ welfare is the height of absurdity; American conservatives are hands down the most generous people in the world, giving dozens of times the amount in donations to charity that liberals do (as a percentage of individual income, and not just in toto).

The difference is that, being concerned primarily with keeping people FREE to live their own lives, conservatives do not use the government to FORCE everyone else to pay for what they think is good for them (under threat of prison). That is the province of today’s so-called “liberal.” Conservatives take care of their own house, so as not to burden others, and help others from their own pocket… rather than helping themselves TO everyone ELSE’S pocket.

Published by Little-Known Blogger

Correctional Officer, Martial Artist, Firearms Instructor, Digital Artist, Published Poet, Retired Military, Constitutional Conservative, Christian (Anglican) B. S. Multidisciplinary Studies, summa cum laude

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