Gran Torino

Well, I suppose that I’ve waited long enough for my friends to see if they want to.

Gran Torino is a BRILLIANT movie, and I’ll tell you why: not simply because Eastwood’s character dies, but because of the way he dies.

You see, in the standard hippie mentality, individual effort is meaningless. Think about horror movies: either a group survives together, because they all did essentially the same thing, or everybody dies, because the monster is insurmountable. If someone sacrifices themselves for the group, it’s just an incidental crazy man like Randy Quaid’s character in Independance Day. And he wasn’t sacrificing himself for the group; he was more out for revenge.

Clint Eastwood’s character makes a moral decision to sacrifice his own life for his friends. This is something that I don’t EVER recall seeing from Hollywood, and the movie is absolutely brave and brilliant for it. Of course, it is being snubbed at the awards shows, because Hollywood has liberal movies like Milk and Frost/Nixon to drool over.

Hopefully, with the success of movies like this (as well as Dark Knight, 300, and An American Carol) we are witnessing a Renaissance of conservative cinema.

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  1. I loved this movie SO MUCH. It is the best movie I have seen since prob “Dark Knight”. I laughed so much and cried so much. I love Clint Eastwood forever.At the end of the movie… everyone in the theater just sat there for a long time. Everyone loved it. Everyone was laughing and crying. That was Clint singing at the end too!I was actually hurt (like a knife stab in my heart) that the movie didn’t get an Oscar nom.

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