Letter to My Congressmen

This letter was sent to each of my congressmen on the morning of 8 October, 2008.

I am writing to let you all know how disappointed I am that not only was H.R. 1424 allowed to pass, but that ALL THREE of my elective representatives chose to support it. The nationalization of businesses is directly contrary to founding principles of our country, and moreover does not address the root of the problem–the Community Reinvestment Act, which mandates lending to bad-risk borrowers. I request that you provide me a list of the “assets” purchased through this bill, so that I will know where NOT to take my money to avoid supporting “American” socialism.

Please be aware that this letter now appears on my blog, as will your replies or lack thereof.

Representative Ike Skelton has responded, stand by for post.
Senator Christopher Bond has not yet responded.
Senator Claire McCaskill has responded, stand by for post.

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