Thursday Night Thunder

The local chapter of the USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) holds a weekly practice shoot in Jefferson City, MO, called “Thursday Night Thunder.” Last night I attended my first one in almost a year, and my third ever. I did not do well–I placed 10th out of 12 shooters–but given my inexperience with this sort of shooting, I wasn’t entirely disappointed.
What hurt me was that I was actually trying to shoot to fast; the stage I thought I did best on was actually my worst, and the stage I thought I did worst (because I slowed down to aim) on was my best. There are shooters there who can get more and better hits than I can and finish the courses in less than half the time it takes me–but I have to face the fact that that’s because they have been doing this every week, for years. I’m not only rusty, my skill is in a very different type of shooting. Just as when starting in a new dojo, I’m going to have to “empty my cup” and start all over again.
I’m experiencing some technical difficulties with my ISP, but when the video becomes available to me, I will post it on Personal Chrysalis. I’ll be the guy in the red polo shirt who misses the plates so often on one stage that people in the background take the opportunity to start yelling “Barack Obama sucks” for the benefit of YouTube. πŸ™‚

Oh, and “Welcome!” to any of the TNT shooters returning to my blog after seeing the re-enlistment ceremony video. Feel free to make yourself at home; comments are welcome, too.

Video added.

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