Russian and Georgia

Several days ago, Russia invaded the country of Georgia, with the apparent intention of taking over the country. Here is an example of actual imperialism at work–the Russians are attempting to re-establish control over the entire area that used to be the USSR. Where is the outcry from the American Left? You know, the guys who are constantly complaining about “American imperialism” and “colonization?” When are the people who have been picketing against the Global War on Terror for the last seven years going to start objecting to this land-grab for oil? Hell, Ukraine–in much more danger than any American Democrats–has had the backbone to stand up to the Russian aggression and refuse to allow them access to Ukrainian ports.
And what about civilian deaths? The U.S. invasion of Iraq was the most surgical military operation in history–we took out an entire army while civilians watched safely from balconies a few blocks away. Russia has already deliberately bombed apartment buildings and a civilian airport–and they’re fighting a country with an identifiable uniformed army, not a paramilitary suicide squad hiding in crowds of civilians.

Another thought, and one that gets lost on the (pro-Obama) media, is that Obama’s first reaction to this situation was to tell both sides to cease fighting. While McCain took the time to ascertain what the situation was and called for Russia to stand down, Obama demonstrated that he has no more credibility in foreign diplomacy than a second-rate elementary school playground monitor–casting the victim of violence into moral equivance with the instigator.

UPDATE: The Georgian ambassador to the U. S. is on FOX News, and has confirmed that Russian troops are targeting civilian centers. He is calling for international aid against the overwhelming Russian forces.

UPDATE:My prediction is that Russia will attempt to divide Georgia in half and take the half with the oil. If they keep it, they’ll move on the other half in a few weeks.
They should be stopped–by us. We owe it to the Georgians.

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