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Well, I’ll be at drill this weekend… but, given last weeks’ Church fiasco, I’ve decided to start shopping around for congregations again. I suppose, should worst come to worst, I could attend the local Southern Baptist Church; although, truth be told, I see little advantage in doing so. They have as little relationship to the Apostolic, sacramental tradition of Christianity as the Unity Church, and would be wholly intolerant of my esoteric studies.
More interestingly, the Archbishop of Canterbury apologized to Freemasons in 2003–which should open up the Episcopal Church to me. I’ll have to check them out again next week.

Not that I have a terrible problem with Unity as such–but last week’s service was really embarrasing–both during and after. And if I’m going to Church, I’d prefer an apostolic, sacramental service over the evangelical service of Unity–even if Unity supports my other spiritual activities.

Then again, I still have to consider that, all things considered, Unity may constitute a true vocation for me.

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  1. Well, after I got back from Louisiana in 2005 and started looking around for religious activities, I came across the “Institute of Noetic Sciences.” They were involved in a video that I enjoyed quite a bit, called “What the Bleep Do We Know?”Then, I got interested in Aramaic-Primacy Biblical studies, which lead me to Dr. Lamsa’s translation of the Aramaic Bible.Then, I came across the writings of Charles Fillmore–another mystically-inclined Missourian from the late 19th century… who founded the Unity Christian Church.Finally, after I moved to Jefferson City and started attending Unity services, I found that IONS was affiliated with the Unity organization–and that Dr. Lamsa had been a member (converted from the Assyrian Church of the East he grew up in), and his organization continued affiliation with Unity.My friend Kevin has suggested that this might represent an actual Vocation–that is, a “calling” by God.

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