CDC Statistics

I’ve been looking for site with this data for a while.

It turns out that the Center for Disease Control has a searchable database for all injury-related statistics in the United States. Just to be fair–so that no one can object to my tailoring the data–I compared ALL gun-related deaths with ALL automobile-related deaths. That means murders, accidents, suicides, everything, for both categories.

2005 is the latest year currently available; that year, there were 30,694 gun related deaths. That’s terrible, of course… but there were also 45,520 automobile-related deaths. That’s 50% more automobile-related deaths than gun-related deaths. Given that gun ownership is protected by the U. S. Constitution, but car ownership isn’t, that makes anti-gun lobbyists fairly hypocritical. If they were really interested in saving lives, they would be lobbying against the unprotected CARS first.

Always remember: gun control isn’t about guns. It’s about control.

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  1. The statistics are even more relevant when you consider that those 30,694 deaths include cases of police officers, and indeed armed citizens, lawfully using firearms in self-defense. The number also includes suicides. Consequently, the number deaths attributable to “accidental” and criminal/negligent activity is much smaller.

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