Thoughts on ANWR

Wondering about whether drilling in ANWR would really be worth the ecological mess it might create? I was e-mailed these images by a friend:

Beautiful ANWR:

Where they want to drill:

Animals really hate it, huh?

Newt Gingrich delivers petition with 1.3 million signatures to Congress demanding “Drill Now.”

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  1. You know, even though I really do love and care for creation, I feel like I can’t call myself an environmetalist. It just seems like the word is for tree-hugging peta people, which I am not. They are so unbalanced in their view and they think that people like me don’t even care about creation at all. It really is fusturating.

  2. Ok. I just read an article about environmentalist vs. Conservationist. I am a conservatinist too! 😉 I thought the words were interchangeable, but they aren’t supposed to be!I don’t know how to give you a clicky to the article I read, but you probably already know about what it says anyway…

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