On the Christ as the Word of God

I was recently in an argument on the nature of the Word of God. I asserted that Christian theology defines the Christ as the Word of God (Logos Theoi); an evangelical Christian, countering that the Bible is the Word of God, accused me of presenting Gnostic theology instead.
Toward a resolution of that discussion, I am posting a few internet pages which explain the Christian exposition of Christ-as-Word.

The first is the homepage of Les Oxnam, a Christian convert in New Zealand. Although it begins with a very friendly and evangelical tone, it goes on to present a well-reasoned and reasonably researched argument (caveat: the author does reference a personal dialogue with God in his study of the Bible):

Next, we have the thorough scholarly research of the Catholic Encyclopedia:

The third is a more parsimonious exegesis, hosted by Learn the Bible (of the Antioch Baptist Church of Knoxville, TN):

Finally, we have a presentation by Hebraic-Foundations, a Bible study forum hosted by Christian Challenge International, which describes itself thus: “Hebraic-Foundations is an online email conference which provides studies as well as offers open discussion on the Biblical Christian. Its special emphasis is towards the pre-325 A.D. Church.” Not as exhaustive as the Catholic Encyclopedia, it is nonetheless a well-presented study:

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  1. Fascinating site! On “Christ” as the Word of God, are you familiar at all with Christian Science? Mary Baker Eddy explains the Christ as a state of consciousness in tune, or “at one” with God. Jesus was always in this state of consciousness, earning him the title of “Christ”, just as popular election in this country earns one the title of “President”.I’m not trying to convert anyone to Christian Science. But I think Mary Baker Eddy’s work “Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures” is a sentinel work on metaphysics, despite the fact that the semantics are now over 100 years old. I think that serious students of metaphysical healing would do well to be familiar with it.Christian Scientists study and pray each morning, training their consciousness in order to defend themselves against the world beliefs of sickness, animosity, and the other ills of this world that they may encounter in their day. I have often likened this to the martial artist training his body to be ready to fend off physical attacks.And yes… I’ve done a little kick-boxing myself.

  2. Wow… Sorry I missed this. For six years! O.o

    I’m not very familiar with Christian Science, although I briefly flirted with the related Unity Church. I do appreciate the idea of training the consciousness in this fashion, but Ms Eddy’s etymology is off a bit. She is correct insofar as “Christ” is a title, however it is the Greek translation (Xrystos) of the Hebrew “Messiah” (saviour).

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