Bias Rampant in Berkeley

The article is here.

First, you will notice that about three-quarters of the quotes in support of the numerically-inferior Code Pink. My primary objection is not to the predictable bias of the reporter, however. Pay particular attention to this: “Pete Salvatore, age unavailable, of Rocklin near Sacramento, was arrested shortly after 1 p.m. on suspicion of brandishing a weapon, said Berkeley police Sgt. Mary Kusmiss.

A group of Code Pink supporters wrapped Salvatore in a large banner and he claimed he needed the knife to free himself, Kusmiss said.”

That’s right: not only did the Berkeley Police Department hang up
when Move America Forward called for assistance yesterday, but now they arrested a man for being assaulted.

I can only hope that neither the California nor federal governments accept Berkeley’s non-apology, and seriously crack down until this nonsense ends. This is in no way free speech issue, and must not be treated as one. This is sedition, assault, and harassment.

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