I have removed the link I posted yesterday defining fascism as a type of socialism. I was in a hurry when I posted it, and only read the first paragraph–I later read further and found out that it degenerated into conspiracy theories quite rapidly.

I have, therefore, been doing more reading into the relationship between fascism and socialism. All of the resources I can find on the internet continue to label fascism as “ultra right-wing”, “conservative” and “opposed to socialism.” However, they also list “government control of the economy” as one of the tenets of fascism, which sounds awfully socialist to me. Of course, they also list “individual freedom” as a liberal, left-wing value–which certainly don’t apply in the United States, where liberals espouse racial demogoguery, wealth re-distribution, political indoctrination through government schooling, and massive government control in all possible areas (I shouldn’t be allowed to own a gun, but should be forced to purchase government owned health insurance).

I should also point out that sustainment of the class structure is often cited as an element of fascism. This may be unbelievable to some of you, but there is no class system in the United States. One may certainly be born to wealth, but there is a difference between being born to privilege (that is, upper class). Just as there is a difference between being born to poverty and being born to servitude (lower class). The United States is an entirely middle-class nation–anyone, through a combination of intelligence, work ethic, and luck, can rise or fall in economic and social status. There ARE NO CLASSES.

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  1. Fascism has some odd features.Marx predicted a great Crisis of Capitalism when the starving proletariat would rise en masse to make The Revolution. Fascism was invented by radicals who realized that would never happen. They sought to mobilize mass support for revolutionary change through mystical nationalism, and carry it out through a total state.(Other radicals called for a ‘disciplined vanguard party’ to make revolution (Leninism), or settled for winning elections instead (Fabianism).)Fascism was definitely a ‘radical’ movement, proposing drastic changes and embracing the future. It was allied with the Futurist school in art. But it also appealed to some traditionalists, including many Euro aristocrats. Since it didn’t attack religion as Communism did, religious types allied with it against Communism.It should be noted that fascism’s ethos of group solidarity (all that marching in ranks) actually promoted egalitarianism. The German class system was largely broken up during the Nazi era, and the SS, I’ve read, was less class-bound than the Army. Weird…

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