Some Recommendations

While visiting I was visiting my friends in Kansas City recently, they were good enough to make a few recommendations on entertainment for me. I have sampled them all; allow me to review in descending order of my own preference:

The Bard’s Tale:
I found a copy of the PS2 version at an subsidiary. This game was fantastic! Easily the most enjoyable console game I’ve ever played. Carey Ellwes voicing the Bard sold me on it (I like The Princess Bride; bite me), and I’m glad it did! Even the musical numbers (which I thought sounded like a terrible idea) are magnificent.

The Kingdom:
I’m probably the last person on Earth to have watched this movie (I still haven’t seen Pearl Harbor, Saving Private Ryan, or Titanic). I figured it was just going to be another Hollywood America-bash-fest. It turned out to be very well done… except the last two minutes. I’m sorry, but one cannot draw moral equivalence between terrorists and the people who work to stop them, even if they do get emotionally involved in a particular case.

Talladega Nights:
I was going to skip this one entirely–I am NOT a Will Ferrel fan. It was moderately amusing (the “French” guy was abominable); at least no one pointed their fingers and flew away as in Blades of Glory.

This one I had also intended to skip, and should have. Don’t get me wrong; the special effects are fantastic. However, the story itself makes no sense at all.
-By our best available estimates, our sun has about five billion years of life left. By these estimates, the chances of the sun dying in the next fifty million years is statistically insignificant; therefore, having it burn out within fifty years breaks suspension of disbelief and requires an explanation.
-A star is not a ball of “fire” as would occur by oxygenation here on Earth. It is a mass of hydrogen undergoing nuclear fusion. When a star dies, it is because it no longer has enough hydrogen mass to sustain fusion reactions in great enough quantity. A nuclear fission device, no matter how large or powerful, cannot re-ignite a nuclear fusion process.
-If the fate of humankind depended on the mission, why only send one ship at a time? Why wait seven years to send a second (again by itself)?
-The sun is not a black hole. It does not create a gravity well so steep that our grasp of physical process breaks down, and computation cannot be performed. And if it did, how were they able to compute the proper mass for their payload in the first place?

Published by Little-Known Blogger

I spent the first years of my life in a trailer park outside of a tiny town in rural Missouri. I grew up to be a long-haired, gun-hating, military-hating, Presbyterian super-liberal. Well, perhaps the “growing up” happened later. While in high school, I was on the cross-country and wrestling teams, and actually won my weight-class in a State powerlifting competition. I went on to attend college on a Bright Flight scholarship, where I promptly became an atheist. I trained for a few years in Shotokan karate and Cheng-system taijiquan before training in my first real martial art, Hwarang-Do, under the late Franklin Fowlkes (later the Founder and Grandmaster of the Five Elements Martial Arts System). I married an older Taiwanese woman my junior year, got divorced in short order, and dropped out of college. After completing my AA in Psychology, I decided I needed a complete change of scenery and joined the U.S. Marine Corps (having early been assured that there was no way that a skinny liberal like me would ever survive Boot Camp). Contrary to what the Hipster Zombies will tell you, this did not “brainwash me into being a Conservative”. Instead, it made me a very unhappy, short-haired liberal, surrounded by guns and the military. However, I spent my whole contract (after schools) on the island of Okinawa, where I was exposed to points of view not dominated by the American liberal media. During this time, I taught ESL classes as a side-job, trained under some of the highest-ranking masters of karate on Okinawa, and discovered the practice of Buddhism. I also spent some time in Korea, where I got to train in hapkido. It was during this period that I came gradually to realize how stupid and evil American liberalism actually is. This was partly due to my Military Police command sending me to Small Arms Instructor school, which gave me more exposure to guns than I could ever have imagined—thus negating my idiotic liberal distaste for them. After the active-duty portion of my Marine Corps contract was over, I worked several jobs, from security contracts to operating a forklift in a warehouse. In 2002, however, when the invasion of Iraq was getting under way, I signed up with the Missouri Army National Guard, and have remained with them since, continuing as a Military Policeman. I am also full-time corrections officer, a member of the Anglican Church, and at one time was an Instructor Candidate in Dekiti-Tirsia Serradas Kali (until my instructor moved away). My hobbies (beyond blogging) include strength training, shooting sports, martial arts, creating digital art, and being a huge science and science-fiction geek.

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