Runner’s World Guide to Beginning Running

Well, this is my first book for 2008. The Runner’s World Guide to Beginning Running left me lukewarm; it would more accurately be titled The Runner’s Guide World for Beginning Runners. Although it certainly has excellent information for running programs, the underlying assumption is that running is going to be the formative thrust of the reader’s fitness program.
That is actually the lesser of the two caveats for this book, however; the author has little or no knowledge of human physiology, and no interest in broadening their horizons therein. Running hills are described as provided essentially the same benefits as weight lifting, although strength training should be limited to no more than two twenty-minute sessions per week to avoid “bulking up.” (Oh, if only it were that easy!!) The Atkins Diet only “appears to work,” somehow inexplicably, and Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Barry Sears blames insulin for obesity (rather than the interaction of insulin and glucagon, as anyone who actually read his books would know–and I think he may have mentioned eicosanoids SOMEWHERE…).
Of course, this sort of limited information is to be expected from someone who thinks that being like Al Gore (mentioned on the back cover) would inspire someone.

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