The True Jihad

On August 18th, 2007, in the town of al’Arafiya, an Iraqi citizen gave his life to save four American soldiers and the other eight members of his Concerned Citizens’ group. Although grieved at the incident, the unidentified man’s friends and family are proud that he gave his life in defense of American troops.
Despite the slowness with which the elected government of Iraq is moving–and let us remember that this process is very new to them–this is a sign of TRUE political progress in Iraq. It is unfortunate the members of our national congress are so focused on losing this conflict by any means necessary that they fail to see the development of a potentially strong new ally.
Regardless of any personal differences I may have with the current incarnation of Islam, this unidentified man’s sacrifice represents the true spirit of what is intended in the Q’ran by “jihad.”

Here is the link to article, as I doubt it will be picked up by the main stream media.

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