This Week in Entertainment

To begin with, I recieved my copy of 300 in the mail this week. I have mentioned before what a wonderful movie this is; it is currently number one on my all-time best movies ever list. Frank Miller makes great movies, and I’m looking forward to the impending release of Sin City 2.

I also recieved a copy of Hawk the Slayer. This movie is distributed, appropriately, by Hen’s Teeth Video (since nobody but me remembers it). It might be worth viewing (or even borrowing from me). If I were to say that this movie was surprisingly good, however, you should remember that it is surprisingly good for a 1980’s fantasy movie with a Celtic-disco theme song.
I have mentioned before that the archery style of Legolas the “machine-elf” in LOTR was inspired by this movie, but there were several things in that trilogy of movies which were inspired by Hawk, rather than Tolkien. I also like the fact the movie panders not at all to the liberal moral-equivalency and appeasement ideologies.

Finally, I picked up a copy of Robot chicken Season 1. This is yet another product of Seth Green, late of Family Guy fame. In fact, you will find many of the stop-animated figures in this program are voiced by Family Guy talent, with guest appearance such as Pat Morita and Sarah Michelle Gellar. Although the action is performed almost entirely with stop-animated 1980’s toys, it is definitely not a children’s show; violence and sexuality are part and parcel of the comedy. There is also some politicing involved, especially poking fun at President Bush–but at least it’s usually funny (like the commercial spot “My name is George Bush, and I approve this message: Tacos Rule!”

More video reviews are on the way in the near future…

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