“Earth Day” *sigh*

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I am a dedicated conservationist.  I do not “Earth Day.”  One part of being a true conservationist–someone dedicated to maintaining a healthy ecosystem to pass on to our descendants–that most people don’t know: I LOATHE environmentalists. But wait, aren’t those the same thing?  No, they bloody well are […]

Yet Another Income Tax Suggestion

As we all know, my only real suggestion for income taxes is FAIRTax. Because the so-called “income tax” is not a legitimate tax at all, and should be abolished. My second suggestion is that, if EARNINGS CONFISCATION (let’s call it what it really is) is going to continue, that payday deductions cease. The entire amount […]


I’m still catching up on drafts that I saved while I was out-of-town. So, here is a link to the Senate Intelligence Report sponsored by Senator Feinstein which was released (redacted) a few weeks ago: sscistudy1 I will admit, I did not read the entire thing. The incessant back-stabbing, Monday-morning quarterbacking, and just plain mis-representation […]

Conversations with Racists

Paraphrased for brevity and clarity, and due to unacceptable language: —– Me: So, let me see if I understand this correctly. Your assertion that everyone should be separated by skin color, and that people of certain skin colors should be given preferential treatment because of some injustice committed in no living person’s lifetime, to someone […]

Union Protections?

I am often called to, for my opposition to labor unions, and labor unions for government employees in particular. Labor unions are necessary, I am told, because they protect “workers” from the unfair practices of “capitalists”. But that’s not really true, is it? Those protections are all Federal law and have nothing to do with […]